newborn photoshoot

So, if you made it to this page you must be looking for a newborn photographer and the first thing I'd like to say is - congratulations!


I know you must have a lot questions in your head, so as a start I’d like to give you some information on my style of photography and other details to help answer some of the queries you may have.


I'm a mother of 3 and a photographer that specialise in a more NATURAL, baby led style of newborn photography. I have a beautiful purpose built studio at my home in Witney, Oxfordshire. It's the ideal, cosy space to create my natural newborn images. 


Many newborn photographers prefer to structure their sessions around set poses with so many different outfit options and that they use for every newborn photoshoot. However for my newborn photography I prefer to let your baby lay how they are most comfortable and simply position them to capture those beautiful sleepy babies. I also love soft, neutral colours and textures and I incorporate them into my work. Which I think it makes every image timeless. 


I’m a photographer who originally specialised in weddings, but after having my second son (Aidan 4, Harvey 3, Emily 1), I have become very interested in newborn/family/lifestyle type of photography as I was in that circle. To begin with as seeing it everywhere, I thought I had to create specific poses and use all the adorable hats, wraps, buckets for my coming sessions to create that perfect look. So I trained with a newborn photographer that specialised in posing babies and how to safely put newborn babies into positions named the ‘potato sack’ and the ‘froggy’. But somehow this made me very uncomfortable. It simply didn’t feel natural positioning those tiny babies in very strict positions. 


The birth of a new life is amazing, and having a baby is very emotional. Just capturing them in cute poses, heavily editing those wonderful skins and as a result ended up with the images that you can't even recognised your own baby just wasn’t good for me.


I wanted to capture that love and the newborn baby as they truly were. Although those poses are simply stunning, but they don't tell a story about your baby.

So if you feel the same way as me, my "baby led photography” is perfect for you.


Newborn photos are best suited for babies aged up to 3 weeks as they are very tiny, curly and sleepy newborn babies are at this age.


newborn photoshoot


(The session fee doesn't include any digital images or prints)

  • Up to two hours studio photography session at my home studio in Witney, Oxfordshire 

  • Beautiful an online gallery where you can pick and purchase your favourite pictures from the day

Price list

☆ Entire Gallery (Digital images)- £150
☆ Five digital images - £100
☆ One digital image - £30 each